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Rebuilding, and Advancing…


So I am back.  And I have been busy.  My Web Site has gone thru a lot of changes recently.  I have found new energy for working on it.  And now I must set out to take the photos I want for the site… of models, as well as reference photos from museums and such.

I have also been taking photos of my own builds, and they are starting to work their way onto my site as well.  There is a lot to do!


There are still very many things taking time away from my hobbies… but things are going well.  I hope to post often.


My Storage Space for Models in Progress — Part 2

Got this from Amazon.  In my office, I have another of these, but only 1 set of drawers wide.  I can shuffle the models around so I have what I need right here.  You can already see the colors are not quite right… one of the greens is in my office.


To the right is my painting bench… I will need to clean that up a bit, before posting it here.

My Storage Space for Models in Progress — Part 1

Here are some of the models I am currently “working on”.  I am hoping to get a large cabinet for this stuff… but for now, I am using these boxes.  I switch between models on a regular basis.


I think I am one of those builders who likes the process way more than the product.  I think we are probably all that way.  So I allowed lots of space in my office for models in progress.

The boxes are not always correct – I tend to move models into larger boxes.  The little red trays are from a surplus place… 300 for $10, and they are reusable.

Modeling Tip #83

Cutting Off PE Parts


I made a cutting Bloc with a thin piece of brass sheet, glued to a piece of oak.  The cut-off tool is made from 1/8” round, high speed steel.  I ground a sharp edge on it.

The brass is soft enough to protect the cutting edge, while being hard enough to achieve a clean cut without bending the PE.

Modeling Tip #214

Extra Paint Bottle Caps

Let’s face it… bottles last longer than the caps for them.  So I looked around for a cheap supple of caps.  The best price I found for large quantities of caps was from a wine making supply dealer.

The 28mm ones are 18 cents each, or $22.69 for 144 of them.  I bought a couple dozen myself…  They are just like the caps that come on Testor’s Model Master bottles.

This is saving me some frustration.  I can throw out a cap when it gets messy, or damaged.  I recommend them!

Away too long!

The whole 4th of July weekend, and other activities have kept me away for a bit… but I am not gone.  And I have not fallen off the edge of the Earth – I am several miles from there.

Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona engine


I have been working very slowly on this Ferrari… I am detailing the engine and engine compartment currently.  There will be a lot of work to come on this one.

This is an older Fujimi Enthusiast kit I got on eBay a while back.  I have 4 of these kits – 2 different versions of it.  The kit has a LOT of great details to it.  These models were way ahead of their time on details, and fortunately, they are becoming available now.

I have added plug wires, and a lot of other wiring so far.  I have made a windshield washer bag, and tubes.  I will even be installing brake lines in the engine compartment.  I have some very good photos showing the real car.

This one is going to be good!

Spread the Word!

If you like my Model Blog… spread the word!  More people can read.  I use 100% recycled electron, so there is not any waste, no matter how many people read!

Japanese Coastal Tuna Boat

Thins is a fun model I got from Hobby Link Japan a while back.  It is a fairly simple kit, but it has a lot of fun extras.  The boats have long stings of lights on them, and lots of poles.


I am working on this one slowly too – I just pulled it out after about a year in my cabinet.  So this photo below does not show much yet.  But it is one of the 20 or so models I have going.


These boat fish the small coast tuna and albacore, like off the Oregon coast.  The fresh tuna from these little boats puts most grocery store tuna to shame.  I have to order mine on the Internet!

And yes… there is some little story about pretty much all of my models.  I like subjects I can relate to, and have an outside interest in… in this case it is yummy albacore tuna!!

Flying Lizards Honda

Here is a model I have also started.  It is a Honda Civic, and I am doing a whole lot of rebuilding on it.  It is going to be a Flying Lizards Road Rally team car.  I got the decals from Scale Motorsport… they are for a Porsche of course, but I can make them fit!


I have cut away all the lights so I can replace them with LED lights.  There will also be a roof-rack of lights, including Identification Lights.  The interior will have only one seat, plus various computers, and monitor equipment – all scratch made.

The LEDs will be in the back of the car, under a new cover.  There will be various sizes of optical fiber going around the car.  Some side glow optical fiber will be used to light the rear warning lights.

Now… don’t be expecting a lot on this one.  I already have more than a dozen models underway, and I shift back and forth between them regularly.  So things go slowly… but there will be more articles abut it!

1/144 Scale Aircraft

Recently, I discovered 1/144 scale aircraft models.  Okay, I know they have been around for a long time, but they are new for me.  And I really do like them.  I have already bought too may kits, but they are fun.

They are indeed small, but that is the point.  Below are 2 I have worked on.  On the X-3 on the left, you can see a piece of piano wire sticking out of it – coming out to it’s left side near the wing.  When it is done, I will stick the  wire into the ceiling, and there it will be, flying around my office – though it will not actually move.


But one of the fun things is how quickly the kits go together.  Then it’s all about the detailing.  And the finished product should look very nice.

These kits re not very expensive either.  These 2 were about $7, and I have some WW2 models that were less than $4!  So I am not out very much cash.

I do recommend these for a fun diversion… or for all you do!  I have many more to do!

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